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Hey guys,

I just broke in my Omega at Cherry Ridge today (first time ML shooter). Wow this gun shoots great - it exceeded my expectations. I bought it used and was guessing/hoping it would at least be on paper when I first tried it. My first shot from 50 yds. was on the edge of a 6 inch target (yanked it) and the next two were less than an inch apart slightly left and low of dead center and the third was right in there. First 3 shot group was all within a 3 inch diameter circle (not counting my first flyer). 50 yds using the open sights and sand bags. I was happy.

Overall I had excellent consistency until I got a little flinch after about 15 rounds. 100 gr of 777 pellets and 245 gr powerbelts were great - after I shot all 30 of the Powerbelts (sore shoulder) and took a break, I tried 3 of the 245 gr TC Cheap Shots and they were just as good - giving me another 3 shot group within 3 inches. I bet if I put a scope on it and put it on a good shooting rest this powder/bullet combo would easily touch at 50 yds. I can't see 100 yds so I'll need to scope it to see how it does out that far.

This gun is more accurate than I am - that's for sure. I bought it to hunt deer and it's more than hunting accurate. Next time I think I'll work on my shooting ability since I already know the gun is accurate. Take a couple sitting down and standing to see if I can hit the mark.

I recommend this gun highly if anyone is thinking of an inline. Loading was super easy with the Powerbelts and not too hard with the sabots. The breech plug didn't lock up like I've heard can happen and the gun cleaned easy with a spit patch between shots. NICE!
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