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Wishing you all a Happy & Safe 4th, and guys watch your fingers lighting those fireworks.
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Same to You BHC and to everyone else on NJH
Yeah I'll be working my regular shift, 6 am till 2 pm, then home for cold beers and the BBQ[up]:D:):p
Right back at ya BHC! Happy 4th to everyone else too. Have a great and safe weekend![cool][up]
Here's a safe way to enjoy fireworks. Just turn up the speakers and enjoy:D:D:D
This is my 1st time I've been off on THE FOURTH OF JULY, in 20 years. And I've enjoying it.
guys watch your fingers lighting those fireworks.
Fireworks are illegal BHC. You should know that.:D:D
actually "35", i need those fingers all the
Just be carefull if you celebrate the fourth with a fifth.:D Everyone have a safe and happy holiday. And don't forget to put the flags out.[up]
amen, to that one Rich!
Great point 35. If it werent for all the men and women serving now and those who served before, July 4th would just be another day. Thanks to all of them on this day of Independence.

Have a safe and FUN Fourth!!![up]

By the way guys, Wednesday the 6th is my b-day, so I'll be expecting presents. I'll be in Maine on business, but you can just send them to the house. Nothing fancy or too expensive, just a hoyt bow, or a nice bass-boat will do...:p:D;)
Whether you are for, or against the war, lets remember and support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,not just today but everyday.

Always remember those that served and the ones that gave their life for our country, and the independence of other countries.


"All gave some...Some gave all"
very true dbuck!

have a great day all.
Happy Birthday to the greatest country on Earth....God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!
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