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guys I got a fluke question for ya

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Ive always used bait ,never jigged. I bought a couple of spro jigs and I wanted to try em out tommorrow. I'm running a charter on the Freddy C. (Of course this question may be moot if we go out for weaks)But anyway, do you fish these jigs like bait or do you fish them diffrently? Thanks
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Bounce them on the bottom, maybe sweeten with a strip of squid or spearing. I'll be floating around with my wife in a Flourecent Orange Kayak near the CG station. Gonna try a little crabbing and drift a little for some flouke also. Water is pretty warm and I don't expect much. The channels will be the ticket. Good luck to you.
Jersey, Thanks for the heads up I'm not sure if we will be fishing for fluke or Weaks. I just hope we catch some fish.. I'll look for your kayak.
I've been using Spros with great success this season on fluke and I rig it with a teaser and have been able to catch on the jig and teaser. Basically take a small 3 way swivel (Black) and attach a piece of leader 20lb., approx. 10-12 inches, and tie on the Spro. The Spro takes the place of a sinker. Attach the main line to the top of the 3 way. Now run a 2-3 foot leader off the center of the 3 way and tie on a bucktail teaser. Bait up the teaser with spearing/killies/squid and also add some to the spro. You can also use a sandworm on the teaser and slam the weakies while fishing the Spro for the fluke at the same time. I'm amazed at how many fluke I've caught on the teaser/worm combo when targeting weaks. Good Fishing.
Thanks for the advice ray..The spro isnt that heavy. Could I add weight if needed?Could I use a slip rig above the 3 way swivel for more weight? And if I dont have a bucktail what could I use as a replacement?
Scrubby, another option. Try fishing the jig on what is called a high-low rig. What I mean by this is fish your fluke rig as you normally would, but attach your jig to your main line about 12" or so above your three way swivel and weight. This keeps the jig just off bottom all the time, and makes it even more visible to any fish buried in the sand. Some of the biggest fluke I have ever caught has been on a jig in this manner. I like to tip it with a squid strip. You'll also find that the strikes on the jig will be very strong and aggressive. This set up is extremely effective during slack tide.;)
Luv2hunt Thanksfor the tip..We went Weak fishing instead along with 1000 other boats in the same area off Staten Island..Caught a bunch of small weaks all between 14 and 18 inches.. All in all it was a good trip with everyone catching fish. And to top it off Mom won the pool..
Glad you had a good time and congrats to mom. I saw you guys heading out but I was only at officer's row by that time. We had 50/50 keeper ratio for the fluke. I got a 15 incher and my wife caught on 18 with a Littoral tag in it, which fell apart as I was filleting it. :D I will be mailing it in to them and see if Iget any info on it. The only crabs were calico's. but I had to try. Next time I'll go up the river where I know they are.

I still dont think hes found the answer to this question [rofl]
Life was so simple then.

I'm surprised he didn't ask about Gulp, you know, that new fangled bait that'll never catch on.
Hahahahaha Lou, good dig! I read it thinking Scrubby was actually asking this question today...nice! [rofl]
Hahahahaha Lou, good dig! I read it thinking Scrubby was actually asking this question today...nice!
I'm surprised he didn't ask about Gulp, you know, that new fangled bait that'll never catch on.
BTW are you being serious? As in GULP hasn't already caught on and it just a "fangled" (whatever that means) bait? Stuff works and works well! [up]
BTW are you being serious?
he meant asking about it back then when it was just coming around like buck tails.

Funny TTT Lou [hihi]
I fish them on top:p try to work them like a jitter bug works great[up]
Killie squid combo[up][up]
take a spro bucktail put a gulp worm and a killie bounce them on bottom and bam-mo !!!
Clinic!!!! [lol][lol][lol]
hahahaha...keep em comin guys. Scrubby needs all the help he could get.

Cant get any better then NJH! You guys are the best helping out a novice fisherman. [rofl]
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