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Pops is selling a few guns that have been in the cabinet taking up valuable room:D

1st gun in photo is a:
Winchester 1300 Ranger Youth 20GA 2 3/4 - 3" shells

Middle gun is:
Feanchi s.p.a. Brescia ITALY 48AL20 20ga YOUTH 2 3/4" shells
the stock has been cut for my young brother, then the 1" piece was reattached for when he grew.. so if you have someone who is on the smaller side, it can be removed to shorten the stock... (see photo)

Bottom gun is:
Remington 1100 20ga adult shotgun.
barrel attached is a 3" barrel with a polychoke
comes with extra barrel, skeet barrel 2 3/4 (pictured below the gun)
gun with 2 barrels : $600

Barrel on the top of the photo is:
Hastings 12 ga slug barrel for Remington 870. 2 3/4" shells.

any transfer fees that may apply (i dont know of??) are paid by buyer..


questions: jay 551-206-2623

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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