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Gun setups

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What are you guys shooting? 3 or 3 1/2? what size shot and which choke.

I think i'm going with Federal Premium Speed Shok Waterfowl WF1433, 12 Gauge, 3", 1 1/8 oz, 1550 fps, #3 Steel Shot with full choke. Maybe imp mod

Is federal Black Cloud worth the $$?

I don't want to waste the money patterning my gun so I came here :D

I have a Beretta Extrema2, what combo do other Extrema owners use? I find that it shoots Federal loads in general pretty well.
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I shoot 3" black cloud with an improved and modified, depends where i'm hunting and how far of shots i'm gonna take. I think the black cloud is worth the money, it's cheaper than hevi shot and has the knock down power. Well, as much knock down power as steel shot can have. [hihi]

You should still pattern your gun to see what works best with the gun.
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