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Any recommendations for guided turkey hunts in the Hunterdon County area? Specifically turkey zones 8, 9, or 11?

Or if you are turkey hunter in the area, would you consider letting a newbie tag along to observe? I am more interested in learning rather than simply filling a tag.

This will be my 5th spring season attempt... I have yet to bag a gobbler. I'm confident that my past failures are due to my lack of experience, not a lack of effort. Ask my wife... she would complain about the time i spend preseason scouting and days off during the spring season. I was not raised with a hunting background and am mostly self taught (on this forum and other sources online). I've read every article on turkey hunting and browsed every forum I could find on the subject. But online research and youtube videos are no substitute for the real thing.

My goal is to gain field experience from an veteran turkey hunter. Looking to improve my scouting, setup, and calling techniques. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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