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GSP North Clifton Rt.3 East Exit

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Saw a small deer, sex unknown at 2:30pm on my way from work, it was browsing on side of the GSP, next to the Montclair County Club golf course
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We have deer at Teterboro Airport (Rte. 46, Industrial Ave., Fred Wehran Drive, Rte. 17, Moonachie Ave., Lindbergh Drive, ******* Ave. (this is a real street name at the airport!!!), etc...and in the surrounding areas (businesses around the airport all of the time!!!).
hunter - Your RIGHT !!!

His brother, Matt, sleeps all day, wakes up and shoots a MONSTER BUCK, but poor lil' Outlaw only gets the 70# and under does - and he's out hunting ALL DAY LONG!!!! :D

For a kid who can a target at 100 yds. with his bow, I've figured out that he gets big buck fever!!!! :D
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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