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Grow the bone mineral/attractant

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Hey guys, its that time of year again, cams out, mineral sites being maintained, a perfect time to get some GROW THE BONE and get it in the woods. We started putting it out in February to give them the most benefit and nutrition possible but its not too late! Not only does it help the overall health of your herd (bigger fawns, higher lactation in does, substantial antler growth) but it provides your deer with everything they need to reach there full potential. If your running cameras this is an awesome way to take inventory as well! If you haven't tried it yet I would say its worth your while to get some and put it out. Check us out at Grow The Bone Deer Attractant and Food Supplement or on facebook at Also tune into Southern Game Calls- The Resistance on Sportsmans Channel- to see GTB in action. We will also be at the NJ State Fair at the Sussex County fair grounds again this year. We will have something different going on every night, awesome gear giveaways, filming seminars, question and answer seminars, women in the outdoors etc. If any one has any questions feel free to pm me for my cell # and I would be happy to answer anything you want to know. We hope to see you at the fair! link to southern game calls- The Sportsman Channel | The Resistance
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Grow the bone definitely made that 10 stick around, an that's not a lie. I was skeptical about attractants for big bucks, but grow the bone definitely worked, if it wasn't so expensive I'd buy stock. Lol
Compared to other attractants its not really expensive. Comes down to the " you get what you pay for" phrase. Plus most other attractants have many " claims" but when you look at the science its like comparing a snickers bar to a vitamin. No health benefits.
Do you have any 3 year studies conducted on the minerals? [ko]
Mold issues resolved?
Mold issues? What deer let it sit that long?? Lol
Way more then 3 years into this product. Alec hit the nail on the head, very rare it last long enough for mold to occur, but it will start getting moldy after a hard rains, then it soaks into the dirt and they dig holes, most of the ranches that buy it in bulk (5, 10,15 tons) feed it in feeders so m1old isn't a factor. This is being fed across the country on 100k plus acre ranches and there going through 4 or 500 lbs per feeder a week. Simple way for someone who buys a few bags or a few hundred pounds is to cut it with corn or what I like to do when just using the mineral by itself is place it at the base of a tree with one of those flat frisbie looking mushrooms over it like an awning. But back to what alec said 90% of the time its gone before any mold unless you purposely put it out before a monsoon.
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I used GTB alot last year. My baby girl Payton shot ALL her deer off it. I don't like to pump products but it seemed to be a prefered feed at our small bait sight. The GTB was set out in a small pile on a stump a couple of yards from the corn and the deer usually hit the GTB first, not always but most of the time. It is a little pricey but I will continue to use it due the results. We are gonna video all her hunts next year and if I get savy enough I'll try and post some.
Good to hear doe!
I used it last year. Works as advertised. I'll be buying more at the fair....
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What's the price on 5 tons?
Rdf I will speak with the owner tomorrow and let you know. Where would you need it shipped to?
Haha swampbuck.
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