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Well after an extremely successful season already in zone 2, I headed out to my club land in zone 11, after purchasing an over the counter permit. I was late in getting up to the farm on Thursday morning and saw 2 gobblers already strutting next to 2 hens. I watched them for 30 minutes before backing out and promising myself that I would not be late on Friday!

Friday morning, up and early, setting up my Double Bull blind at 5:20am, I heard 2 gobbles behind me! well I crawled 40 yards in front of me and set my decoys up. I crawled back into the blind, set up and took a breath. I made a few light yelps on my "Uncle Dickie's Purple Heart box call and they wouldn't shut up! 10 minutes later at 5:55 am 3 hens flew down to my decoys, then a small gobbler , he was then harrassed by the "BIG" boy that was waiting. the big boy chased the small one and started to strut not 15 yards from my blind, I waited about 1 minute before I had a shot with my bow.....Bird # 3 in the bokks! 21.8 lbs 10.5" beard 1 3/8" spurs! Needless to say he's at the taxidermist! have fun!
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