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Got bird #2 this morning in zone 11.Weight 21# beard 11.5" Spurs 1.58".Know gobbles when i set up at 5:20,first calls i made were at 5:45,nothing.Called again at 6:00,nothing.6:10 bird gobbled at about 300 yds away,gave some loud yelps,no more gobbles,quite.20 after 6:00 white head at 60 yds.and strutting.Killed bird at thirty five 6:40.Took 20 minutes of strutting and gobbling to come in to thirty five yds.Had two hen decoys out.What a great morning to be in the woods,and i almost wasn't going to go_Once i figure this pic thing out on the computer i'll post pics.Griz.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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