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Nice bird[up][up]
What type of scale do they use in Pa.? That bird (2yr old) looks to be more than only 14lbs. I'd question the check stations scale.
Here ya go....

Nice pics...congrats..I wish I was still going at it !

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It felt heavier than 14 lbs. I used some crappy fish scale in my tackle box to weigh it. I would have thought it was closer to 20 but the scale doesnt lie.
scale doesnt lie
LOL You sure?? Put a 5lb bag of sugar or flour on it to check it. I'm only saying I shot Jakes that were 14lbs & no where near the size of your bird.
wow 50 yard shot...congrats on the bird![up]
Very nice! I agree...would verify that scale.[smirk]
Thanks for the comments. It was a far shot but my mossberg with the extra full turkey choke shoots real tight patterns and I dont think he was coming in much closer.
nice job[up]
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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