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Got my Coyote back from the Taxidermist today!!!

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Here's my first ever Coyote taken in 2008 just in from the taxidermist. The pelts not prime but I really had to work hard at getting him so he's #1 in my book!

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awesome man what did they bang you for it if u dont mind me always curious about taxidermy pricing
If you dont mind me asking Who did you get it done by?
It's around $700 by Bill and Ken's Taxidermy. They do all my mounts and do great work.
Nice but you should hang up your traditional bows that I see in the background instead of standing them with weight on one limb, supporting evenly them from both limbs (or along the string) will give them a longer life.
Dead coyote = Good coyote
Markings on the front leg got my attention nice job

Now you are really in trouble with your wife pred calling and trapping. better get your boy healed up so you have some support LOL
Pretty cool.[up]
*******, the kid's doing better, hopefully he'll get full range of movement out of that knee when it heals up. Doc says he should so we have high hopes. Funny how I'm not even thinking about deer season stand placement, I'm thinking more about where to place my traps next season and where to set-up calling predators so I dont mess up those trap sets!!!
Thanks everybody, I'm hooked!
Congrats thats a beauty,would love to one day get one also. Thumbs up to the taxidermist also
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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