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After coming back from my Pa. Bear hunt with good memories, but no bear, I was in the mood for harvesting a nice deer. Well, I only had one day to hunt ( today ), because I'll be packing tomorrow for my Pa. deer hunt. Well, I got into my stand that I've been watching for a 10 pointer that passes through occasionally. Well, no luck, then at last light two of the " smaller " 8 pointers walked out to the bait. Surprisingly, they seemed to ignore each other. I've been passing these guys up waiting for the 10.
But not today !
They were in the wrong, place at the wrong time !
The last day for me to hunt permit bow,the last few minutes of light, and a buck tag still attached to my license.
Both deer looked identical, so I waited till one of them turned broadside, and let the arrow fly.
MR. MATHEWS did his job again.
He ran about 30yds., and I saw him pile up.
He's not big enough for a wall mount, but he'll make a nice European mount.
I'll post better pix tomorrow, when I take them in the daylight.
I'll still be looking for Mr. 10 pt., but this guy ain't too shabby :D

Sorry Team DEATH FROM ABOVE, no more points but I'm trying

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Paul....Great job!!! congratulations, I was going to email you today to see how the Bear hunt went...We'll catch up later, good luck in PA and bring home one that you CAN put on the wall...:)
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