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Got a new gun today! (pic)

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After reading through many of your opinions, I finally decided on an H&R 20G. Im glad to have this heavy SOB in my arsenal!
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I have the same gun its amazing, there is a 1.5 pound weight in the stock that you can take out to lightin the load. tack driver. try the horndy they shoot great out both 12 and 20 gauge.
oh you can also buy the thumb hole rear stock right from h&r for I think 70 dollars
Have the same gun same colors..hold on I better go check my gun closet..ok all good luck
Ps get a shooting stick helps tremendously! It is a heavy gun
John, I have two of these with Thumbhole stocks. One loves Lightfields, one loves Accutips. They both HATE Hornady SSTs. Alot of experimentation should go into the slug selection.
People swear by this gun. Good luck [up][up]
My wife has the same one, I have the 12, good luck.
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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