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Goose Hunting: Central NJ Location?

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Goose Hunting Location: I'm looking for a WMA close to central NJ for canada goose hunting. Any recommendation?.
Black River,Assunpink...
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I suggest Assunpink. I don't goose hunt but my hunting club has land near assunpink and i always see geese in that area. Assunpink has large flat fields and several lakes.
Good luck.
blackriver is north jersey, LOL. There's corn or hay field there.
NJSHunt - please email me with your valid email address. The one you registered with is ridiculous.

If not, then you are booted. Thanks.

[email protected]

Do you have decoys? If you do, would you mind someone tagging along? I have everything else but those.

As soon as goose opens again (12/16) I'll be callin!!
I have a dozen or so decoys, can I tag along also?
I live in somerset county, NJ
There was alot of snow geese flying around assunpink this morning also heard some shooting coming from the lakes there were alot of rudys swimming around.
also have a dozen decoys that i can throw in the mix if i can tag along
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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