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It's a lillte long, but it's good

One day this lady steps out of the shower when her 3 year old daughter
walks into the bathroom and sees her mom totally naked. The daughter
Looks at her moms private part down low and says ”Mommy, what’s that you have there?”

The mother quickly grabs a towel to cover up and says, “ OH, it’s nothing honey, that’s
just mommy’s sponge.” The little girl looks at her mom and walks out the door.

The next day, the family being well off, were throwing a big house party, with many local
influential people attending, such as the mayor, governor, etc….

During the course of the party, the little girl interrupts her mom and asks, “ Mommy, mommy,
can I see your sponge again?” The mother surrounded by people, not sure of what to say,
responds, “I’m sorry honey I can’t, because I lost it. Would you mind looking around the house
and try to find it for me?”

So the little girls runs off to look for the sponge.

A little while goes by and the little girl comes running into the room to her Mom and says,
“Mommy, mommy, I found your sponge, I found your sponge.”

The mother looking at her daughter all confused responds, “That’s great honey,
Where did you find it?”

The little girl responds, “Mommy, I found it upstairs in your bedroom!!”

The mother says, “Really, in my bedroom???”

The little girl says, “Yes, yes, the maid is using it to wash Daddy’s face!”

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