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Good Job Alabama

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FYI - Maybe all us northeasterners could take a lesson from our friends in the south.

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Youth Hunting Opportunites Abound in Alabama- (09/08)Click for Printer Friendly Option

Lowering restrictions that prevent young people from participating in hunting is key to recruiting the next generation of hunters. This finding comes from research conducted by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA), the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Lowering barriers to hunting participation is the focus of the Families Afield project, a partnership between the three organizations.

“The research clearly demonstrates that states with lower restrictions are more successful at facilitating the introduction of hunting, “said Rob Sexton, vice president for government affairs. “A good example is Alabama.”

According to the research, called the Youth Hunting Report, Alabama is among the least restrictive states when it comes to regulations and laws allowing youth hunting. It ranks in the top ten states at recruiting young people to hunting.

The original edition of the Youth Hunting Report classified Alabama as a state with “somewhat restrictive” regulations for youth hunters. The report has been corrected.

Alabama does not have a minimum hunting age, and youth are not required to have a hunting license or to have completed a hunter education course.

“Alabama is on the cutting edge of what needs to be done to ensure the future of hunting,” said Sexton. “Their program is a model for other states. It provides safe hunting experiences and encourages hunting participation.

Aside from making it easy for young people to take up the sport, Alabama provides hunting opportunities specifically for youth. The state has established youth deer, turkey, waterfowl and dove hunting seasons to allow young people to try the sports. During the deer and turkey seasons, an adult may accompany the youth, but may not hunt. During the dove season, adults may hunt with the children.

“There is no more critical issue facing state fish and wildlife agencies than retention and recruitment of hunters. Maintaining the broad base of hunters is necessary to continue to fund protection and management of the resource and to drive sound public policy on natural resource issues,” said Corky Pugh, Director of Alabama’s Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division. “We applaud the efforts of the Families Afield project and its sponsors.”

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