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Good Day of Fluke Fishing

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Launched from the highlands at about 6:45..the fog was brutal...once we got out of the marina we could only see about 100 yards or so out around the hook at about 10 after 7 and the first three drifts were non stop action...drop it down n reel it back up..all fish were small between 10-14 inches..about 15-18ft of water...then went out deep into the sandy hook channel...put 5 keepers in the box up to 19 1/2" the days end we had put over 80 fish in the boat between 4 of far the best day fluking we have had in years....
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Sounds like you had an awesome day...Congrats!!![cool][up]
Did you catch over 80 fish and released them or put over 80 in the boat.?
No we threw all back except the five..all five keepers were 18"-19 1/2"..we stopped fishing in the area of the first few drifts becasuse we were going through bait so fast and wanted to try to get a few keepers so we left and headed out to deep water in/around the channels...we left early because our friend got an unexpected call and has to go into work so we cut the day short a few hours...if teh fishing is anything liek it was today than you guys shld have a great time on the 6th

NJ DEER you gonna fish in our FLUKEATHON!!!!
My uncle was out in the fog Saturday and boated 60-70 fish in the same area. They had 14 keepers over 17". Not bad for 2 deer hunters and 1 biker.
IMB i would definately fish in the flukeathon but i am not sure if i will be able to make it on the 6th as of now so i didnt want to say anything yet...35WHELAN- yea the shorts are fun to catch especially on lighter tackle.. i might be heading out thursday morning again ill post how we do...

I sure not sure what time we are heading down yet...the guy whose boat we went on today has two young sons that he wants to take down and he doesnt know the area that well so i will be heading down with him..we might be heading out in the late morning because i doubt his little guys will be bale to get up real early...ill give a shout if we are out there around 1...

35Whelan - I wont be able to get out in the boat on thursday but ill be fishing off the beach at the point...i will however be out there on the boat on friday...
35WHELAN- thank you very much for the offer...if i was heading down myself i would deffinately go out with you but im going down with my brother and possibly another guy...if you see a guy on the inside point wearing a yellow shirt thatll be me...thanks again for the offer..
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