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Good bow shops in Central NJ ?

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a good bow shop in central NJ . Around the Jackson area .

I know Harrys and the Sportsman Center but wanted to know of any other ones .

I am really thinking about the switchback but want to shoot one first . I just do not understand shops selling bow that will not let you shoot them first .

I love my G2 but time for a new bow :D

Thanks guys !!!!
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I would never buy a bow from a shop that didn't let you shoot it first. I'm pretty sure Sportsman's center will.
I'm pretty sure Sportsman's center will.
They will & they'll let you shoot other to compare it against.
Do they carry Mathews ? Sorry for the questions but I have not lived up this way long .

Thanks guys !
Sportsmans Center carries the MAthews bows, Harry's doesn't. For me I use Targeteers in Saddle Brook, just 1 mile for me and I only allow Robert to set my bow up, I've been to both Sportmans, and Harrys both excellent stores, like Sportmans alittle more.
Check their website. ( the plural---or you're gonna be looking at a site for some guy in Tenn. trying to sell you a b [no swearing please] boat.

Switchback is on sale for their jamboree in 2 weeks.

Also get their buyer card and you get 1/2 of 1% rebates on purchases.

Vinnie Mancini runs the bow dept. He is AWESOME. Something like 3 time NJ State Champion target archer. He and the guys who work with him can make your bow fit like a custom made suit.[up]
Now if anyone could recommend a good shop closer to Union Cty. that'd be great.

Bordy's in Florham Pk. is good, but nothing is closer to me but Rays, and they're mediocre.
Well I bought it today !! And , Vinnie was the guy that set it up for me . They even gave me the sale price !

What a bow , smooth and fast no hand shock at all . Was a little pricey with buying everything but it was worth it ! I decided to leave the G2 set up for a back up bow so I had to buy everything all over .

Can not wait to hear those Elk in September [up]
Double Lunger.. Just email matty... He makes House calls to work on Bows... Just ask Druming up business for you matty... I get 10%
10% huh, you must think Im a sucker. Make it 15%, and I dont wanna hear any complaints. Wise guy!:D

Reminds me of a line from the three stooges. I dont remember the episode well, but it goes something like this;

Man selling a car; I'll take $250 or nothing.

Curly: Ok, we'll take it for nothing! Nyuck nyuck nyuck.:D

In all seriousness though, I dont mind working on peoples bows or helping them out with equipment etc, for two reasons. Hunters should band together to form a sort of brotherhood, and also, guys like Kris (dragthor) are super nice and make it worthwhile. I couldnt be a jerk and turn him down, he's already done so much for us with this site. Glad to know him, hes a great guy. :)
Hunters Helping Hunters...What a Wonderful Thing
Yes it is!:)

But Im beginning to believe you may get advertising money for evertime you post that saying. HAHAHAHA...J/K:D
Try All Seasons in Old Bridge / Englishtown.

Very small bow only shop, but will give you great sevice - can shoot Mathews and others, and will help you the whole way through. They actually got me hooked on Carbon Express Arrows - that cost less so they make less $$ - but are a great arrow.
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