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Golden Retriever For Sale

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2 yr old Female AKC Golden Retriever for sale. She needs a fenced yard with room to run! Town screwed us over by not have the sewers in yet, so we can't fence the yard. Bella is wonderful with kids, we have 8. Ok with the cat. She just needs more attention than I can give her right now. Maybe someone can teach her to hunt!

$500.00 contact Mrs. Luknikk (or him)if interested.
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Don't tempt me, I already have TWO 90lb. dark red Goldens running through the house. Great dogs :D Love to be with people. Seems that everytime I turn around I'm falling over one of them. Good luck on finding a home. Whoever takes her will fall in love with the breed.
Can't do eletric fence either, everything has to be dug up when the sewers finally come through. It sucks! I love the breed too.

Okay never mind selling the dog...I'm selling the kids now!!! Ages 19-3 up for grabs...just make an offer.:D
ok I can't post please!
LMAO I can not post more than one message in 60 seconds...what's up with that?
You don't have to bury the wire, just leave it on top of the ground.

Did I read 8 kids? Wow!
I had a canine fence installed when the ground was frozen. They just pin it in place temporarily. When the ground thawed they came and buried it. It was a couple of months between installation and wire burial?? I grew up with four Goldens. Super breed [up] Great with kids :D:D good luck with what ever you choose to do....
Thanks, she is a sweetie. Problem is sewers won't be in for over a year.
And yes, that's 8 kids.[smirk]
I really wan't to get a German short hair wife says there to ugly. I love em and thier great bird dogs.
And yes, that's 8 kids
you're giving JerseyJim a run for his money. He's going for a baseball team.
You perked my interest. I have a 2yo female that looks just like her. I am getting her TD title next week I hope. Then there are plans to breed. That was part of the deal when I got her. I'll have to ask the wife. She loves Goldens. Do you have a copy of her pedigree? If anyone wants to absolutely fall for a breed and have the ultimate companion for you and your family give this girl a home.
During the first 6 days of creating the world God made all the other breeds. On the seventh day when he had it perfect he only made Goldens. I'll talk with the wife. It's a long shot but it is worth a try.
Name: Mia La Bellezza - "Bella"
Number: SR06480702
Sex: Female
Date of Birth:March 20, 2003
Breed: Golden Retriever
Color: Light Golden
Sire: Sir Murphy McGwire
SN52829704 08-99 AKC DNA#V90123
Dam: Muddy Creek Cindy
SN87249401 12-02
Breeder: Carol J Weber

Need any more information, let me know.
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Momma is torn. Showed her Bella's picture. Believe me i am trying. I am having a hard time with 2 in the house already and plans to breed one around the holidays. I am going to try printing her picture and putting it on the wifes pillow, steering wheel etc.. Where in NJ are you located
LOL torchure her why don't you. We are in Hopatcong.
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