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Going after some stripers today

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Me and the guys I work with are going out on the Captain John today for stripers. I've never caught one so I'm kinda psyched... they've been killing them off the boat for a good two weeks. :D Let's hope they don't shut down upon my arrival.[mad]
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Man I need to get out Ive been cooped up sick. I worked all weekend the got sick sunday I'm going stir crazy. Have fun today F. Catch a bunch
It is a nice day today..Almost felt "sick" on the way home for lunch...[smirk] You shouls catch today...Let us know!
Well, we almost didn't go out. Me and three guys I work with went down to the boat and met up with another guy we work with who is a mate on the boat... add the captain and we were the only 6 that showed up to fish. The captain said if we had 5 paying customers we would go out... so the mate, John, paid for the trip so the rest of us could go. We had an 85 footer all to ourselves.:D

We left around 5 and had our lines in the water by 5:45... that's after 15 minutes of jocking the boat trying to get near a pod of fish that a smaller boat was on... but the smaller boat wasn't fishing, they were trying to get their anchor to hold.[mad] We boated our first fish at around 6. And just kept catchin' em. We probably boated 30 fish between the 6 of us (the mate and captain fished too) and everyone caught a keeper (slot fish, nothing huge). The fishing almost completely shut down when the sun went down and we headed home around 9:30... back at the dock around 10. Since John was the only mate on board, we all chipped in cleaning up and made short work of it. It was a good time... but I'm kinda hung over today.:(
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Wow an 85 footer all to yourselves. You dont get to many days like that. Glad you caught fish.Where is the Captian John out of?
Keyport. I'll be doing it again... but John told me the blues will start coming in next week or the week after... making the striper fishing a little bit tougher.
Glad to hear you got fish! All on clams?
Yup, sloppy, smelly, nasty clams... I think I still smell after two showers.
Yup, sloppy, smelly, nasty clams... I think I still smell after two showers.
Sounds like my last trip to Mexico.:D
You sure you went fishing???
Yeah, I'm sure... the clams had no beards. :D

I'll have to finally post some pics to prove it.
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