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Ok, here's the deal
I live in Highland Lakes, Bear Central
I've more seen bear than i have seen deer
I wear a Marine Corps Combat Knife while hiking, just in case
So I take a walk around my neighborhood, in my old army jacket
Some woman, a.k.a. the bear lady, walks up to me and asks if i'm a hunter
I ask for the date, and tell her "not at the moment"
So she tells me that she owns all the property i the surrounding area and that if i go on it she'll bring me to court for trespassing.
I tell her that I ain't interested in any illegal activities
She then whips out a camera, and before i can protest she snaps a photo. She then tells me that if i come near this road she'll call the cops and report me as a stalker

The nerve of some people![mad]
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Do they ever realize that we're people too?

And just because we hunt doesn't mean we don't give a damn about the enviroment

Quite the opposite, really
Susan Kehoe of Vernon, that's the bitch who did it!
Sounds like you have a great neighbor there![down] Good luck with that nut job!
Next time you see her take her picture and call the cops and say she is stalking you! It works both ways! She has no right to badger you for taking a walk! Who the hell do these people think they are? Good luck with it man!
she's a bloody bitch. I so much as walk down her street and she'll call the cops. I hate her and her beear hugging friends
There are no less than 3 anti's in the surrounding area. And not just your normal anti's, i'm talking about the PETA nutjobs. In 1rst period in school i am wedged between two vegan antis. It SUCKS
you live on the same street? I would call the police and tell them what she said and did. This way if she sees you walking down the road and she calls the police they know about her.
no, she lives on another street, right behind me
no, not behind, across from my street.

Goddamn it! I p [no swearing please] there every day while walking to school! :eek:[mad][mad][mad][mad][mad] i could be arrested tomorrow 'cause of that jerk!
I bloody despise her for this!
Hey sgtSharpe....Next year when you harvest a deer during hunting season,be sure to proudly hang it from a tree in your yard
i walk down to the corner of paddock and canistear, it's my bus stop
how do I contact Dragthor, is he even on any more?
I hope Officer Kimkowsky's at school tomorrow. I want to talk to him
Not even high school. I'm still in 8th grade. I'm 14
Does she really own the property? You should verify with the local tax collector. Thats what I do.

Heck...maybe even walk around with an orange hat. :D
they're are signs posted around, with warnings such as "Prohibited" "No trespassing" "Warning, no hunting, fishing, trespassing allowed. All violators will be prosecuted" and the like
i'm screewwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd
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