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i never had luck using decoys, until now! i bought the pretty boy and pretty girl set a couple of weeks ago and was ready to try.

i got to my property a little late. it was still dark but getting light fast. by the time i made it to my spot it was pretty light so i had to hurry to get the dekes set up. i made 20 long paces from my tree to the open field and set them up. as soon as i got to my tree and sat down i heard a gobble from the top of the hill around 300-400 yards away.

i let out a couple of soft yelps and this bird was going nuts up there. i tried not to call too often but he was gobbling at everything that made a sound, geese, crows, etc. i let out 2 or 3 soft yelps at a time, every few minutes, and he would answer each time. there sounded like there was a jake or 2 with him joining in.

as soon as it was light enough to where he fealt safe i could hear that he was getting closer. after a couple more yelps he was suddenly quiet. i look up and he's around 200 yards away in full strut, running in like a locomotive! he ran straight up to the dekes just as i got the gun up! BANG! good night Irene...

20.8lbs - 9-3/4" beard, good sized spurs(the guy at checkin never told me how long and i didn't think to ask)

1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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