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Hello all,
I am interested in selling my Glock 30 SF .45 ACP. I purchased this gun to use as my off duty weapon. I have shot it through two qualification courses only so the weapon only has 200 rounds total through it. I had the grip custom stippled as well which does wonders for sweaty hands. The trigger guard was also undercut which allows a very high grip on the gun. You can literally cover your hands in dish soap and this will not even think about leaving your hands. All items included are as follows with the prices that I paid for them:

Glock 30 SF - $545.00
Extra flush fitting glock 30 9 rd magazine - $24.99
2 Glock 30 SF magazine grip extensions - $19.90
Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights - $86.99
Total - $676.88

My only reason for selling this is that I currently carry a Glock 19 off duty and this has since become a safe queen. I figure I would sell it and use the money to finish one of my AR projects. This is practically NIB. Accepting reasonable offers. As I am sure you know, you must have a valid New Jersey Handgun Purchasers Permit.

I also have some extras for the Glock 30SF with the price I will sell them for which include:

Blackhawk Serpa paddle holster - $20.00
Desantis Tuck This II inside the waistband holster w/ attached magazine pouch - $20.00
Convertible inside the waistband/outside the waistband light bearing holster made by Statureman Custom Holsters - $85.00
Size 32" Original Soe Gear 1.5" Rigged Cobra Duty Belt w/ velcro liner (best belts money can buy) - $60.00

Any additional questions about this gun please contact me. Thanks...

P.S. Sorry for the poor lighting in the pictures... Gun Firearm Everyday carry Trigger Tool
Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft Airsoft gun
Bag Everyday carry Airsoft Games Pattern
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