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Some days are diamonds and some days are coal. After 10 hours of trolling the tuna grounds I can wholeheartedly say we've put in our dues.Upon arrival of the spot that had been consistently producing palegics the weeks prior, we were greeted with a 6-8 foot chop. Monster Ledge, Little Italy, AH buoy all were void of bluefin tuna, dorado, and skipjacks, white marlin, and yellowfin. Not 1 fish raised!!! Many hours of watching trailing spreader bars and Green machines has taken its toll. The company couldn't have been any better though so we made the best of it and had some ballistic discussions and formulated opinions on optics and mounts. I would rate the day a 7.5. A bloody boat and sore arms will be saved for another day. That's my report!! Over and out....[up][down][up][down]

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