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I have three .177 airguns.

1) A gamo hunter, something or other. The barrel is shrouded in plastic and, I didn't realize it when I bought it, it doesn't have iron sights. The gun came with the scope mounted but it was so outside the required range of adjustment that I had to shim the rear rings. Shots were very inconsistent with every brand/weight of pellet I tried. Even after 500+ pellets, the rifle never settled in. Forgot what I paid, but whatever it was, it was too much.

2) A Winchester 1000 something or other. Every screw and fastener either was loose, or came loose within the first 50 pellets. Loctited everything which is probably a good thing to do to any springer rifle you get. The gun was fairly accurate and did get better as the pellet count rose but nothing exceptional. The scope is a no name p.o.s. that never really focuses properly, but it does sight in and hold zero. Added plus are functional, fully adjustable iron sights. At ~$100 I really couldn't complain.

3) A Benjamin super streak. Rifle is heavy...very heavy and long for a .177 piston gun. It also takes more than average effort to cock it(especially if you don't have long arms). It comes with a centerpoint 4x16 mildot scope that is really much better than I expected for an airgun. I will get a true 1150fps out of this rifle using beeman kodiak extra heavy 10gr pellets... much faster with lighter pellets. The gun was accurate out of the box and within 100 pellets down range, I was consistantly getting 1/2" groups at 40yrds down range. It also comes with iron sights with the added accuracy of having both the front and rear sight mounted on the barrel(as opposed to other guns that mount the rear sight on the receiver and the front on the moveable barrel). The long barrel also allows for a good sight radius. At bought it when it was a fairly new model and believ the price was about $300. out the door. The only thing is I hear the gun has been discontinued and replaced by the Benjamin Trail NP XL. I believe that it pretty similar but the XL lacks the iron sights.

I like scopes, but if a gun doesn't have iron backups..or at least provisions for adding them, it's not for me.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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