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Good afternoon, my name is Kaitlyn Tiesmeyer I am the daughter of George from G&S Butchering. We originally were located in Cookstown but we have moved to Pemberton. At this time we are taking four deer a day max with 2-day pickup. Our prices haven't changed since 2011
-$50 per deer
-$5 extra for vacuum seal
-$5 for pork added to ground meat
-$10 to cape for mounting
Our regular cuts include:
-All meat is deboned
-Steaks,Stew meat,Backstraps(butterflyed or whole), loins, and ground meat

Please Contact my Father George or Myself at ,
George (609)864-1116
Kaitlyn (609)864-4143

As a reminder per hunter for every 3 deer you bring us your 4th deer is free as long as you don't add anything extra!!

AND If your an asshole and leave the asshole in we charge $5 extra to remove it .

All hunters must abide by New Jersey Fish and Wildlife laws, all deer must be checked in by their CID number accompanied by their harvest tag information at drop off
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