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With a Smith and Wesson B37 63 holster (fits the .38 special Detective Special - but this also fits perfectly)

Circa 1950's near as I can figure

Great tool for field training dogs. My Griff passed about 10 years ago and this has just been sitting gathering dust.
In NJ you need to apply for a pistol permit for this ISYN
(This has a solid bar for a barrel and a pointed metal rod that reaches all the way to the half size cylinder so you can't load a .22 long round even if you wanted to, and even if you did, the $&#*@ barrel is a solid hunk of steel. It is impossible to launch a projectile from this !! )

I'll throw in a box of 100 +/- blanks


Revolver Wood Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Revolver Gadget Bicycle part Electric blue Gun barrel
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