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Check out some their Christmas gift ideas:


Do you have an animal liberation or earth activist on your Xmas list? Our enemies are armed and dangerous, as you can see from the picture above. It's time to start arming the activists. Following, are some gift suggestions for the activist in your life.

Gifts that keep on giving:

* Balaclava/Ski Mask
* Disposable Latex Gloves
* Spray Paint or Spray Chalk
* Tools: Monkey Wrench, Crow Bar, Bolt Cutters, Gl [no swearing please] Cutter, Sledge Hammer, Axe
* Lock Pics
* Heavy Duty/Waterproof Flashlight
* Cameras: Digital Camera, Video Camera, Buttonhole Spy Cameras
* Night Vision Goggles
* Personal Alarm Devices, Air Horns, Bullhorn (for waking up sleeping puppy killers)
* Clothing: Black Hoodie, Black Pants, Black Boots, Black Shirts (anything black will do)
* Home Depot Gift Cards
* Disposable Pre-Paid Cell Phone
* Phone Cards (domestic & international)
* Digital Camera or Camcorder

For the Hunt Saboteur in your life:

* Camouflage Clothing
* Blaze Orange
* Hunting Knife (big enough to penetrate steel belted radials)
* Thermal Underwear
* Hand & Toe Warmers
* Vegan Hiking Boots
* Quality set of Two Way Radios
* Binoculars
* Comp [no swearing please]
* Thermos Bottle and Airtight Food Containers
* Backpack
* Kevlar Bulletproof Vest
* Hunting Magazines
* Trail Markers
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