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I just got this letter from the Office of the New Jersey Governor.

Dear Mr. Patti:

Thnak you for contacting the Office of the Governor to express your opposition to Senate Bill 2325, which would establish a New Jersey Wildlife Rehabilitation Licensing Study Commission and temporarily expand the scope of cooperator permit to include rehabilitation of other kinds of wildlife besides game animals. As we face the challenges of the weeks and months ahead, I am grateful for the chance to hear your thoughts and appreciate your taking the time to share them with me.

Understanding the concerns of our residents is an important tool for good goverance. As I work with State lawmakers to enact legislation that will improve the lives of our residents, I appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts and concerns and will keep them in mind as we continue our efforts on your behalf. Fore more information on our initatives, please visit the State website at NJ Gov

With regards,
Richard J. Codey
Acting Governor

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The point here is they got your e-mail and now you are a number on the good side! I got the same type of reply from most if not all the e-mails I sent to all those yahooooos! They know me and my family are here and on the side FOR hunting! Thats what we need.
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