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Free double oven electric range with glass cook top.

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5 year old ele, double oven. standard size oven with glass cook top that has a crack in it but still works fine. Im located in Flemington nj and please pick up only....its free so dont make me bring it to u. other than the top theres nothing wrong with it. great condition and the double oven feature is great. we upgraded to all stainless. id hate to see it go to waste

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it has been spoken for guys....
If the person who wants it doesn't come through, I'd be interested. PM sent.
still available. fell thru. as of now its fare game!!
did polarbear take it or did he back out?
e-mail sent with a couple questions. we're interested...
Picked up the stove today, hooked it up, works great!! Chicken is baking in the oven as I type...

Thanks aarowflinger! You've got a beautiful family!

Hunters helping hunters. A beautiful thing. [up][up]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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