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Foxes and coyote

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just this pat week i saw two red foxes nad a dead blonde phase coyote on the highway, near rockaway. the two foxes were in augusta and the other was at HP reg. HS... it was beaut looked like this one ,...... a hybrid im guessing??? and the other was a regular red with mange
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what are u saying they mix with yotes [confused]
haha sorry, clarify, i saw two foxes, one like the picture above, and the other was a regular red with mange.......on a totally different topic, i saw a blond phase coyote in rockaway dead on the highway.
cross fox are just a color phase of a red, nothing hybrid.
What you saw was a Fox that is shedding it's winter coat and also crawling in and out of a maternity den.
I saw one that looked like that yesterday.
Prefectly normal condition for this time of year !

Yes It may have been a cross Fox, But I doubt it.
gobblerG i thought yotes killed foxes
reds lose out when the big dogs show. but not always, look at south western pa. they have both, and have more fox per square mile then any other state in the lower 48

greys will climb their way out of a jam.

this has got to be one of the neatest coyote hybrids i've been able to find pictures of
Here's a picture of a RedFox that shows what I'm trying to explain.

gobblerG i thought yotes killed foxes
Yep....Every one they can Catch...If they can catch them.
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thanks double G i thought so
doesnt anyone thing thats a cool coyote in the link? the brown and white one
Well north jersey is really doing well on the yotes and reds at the same time. I am trying to find out if there has been any time in the past 10 years that the yote have been in good numbers and the reds way down. this would mean that the reds have adapted to living around the yote after a short down ward trend and rebounded. thus south will rebound. we have good red numbers in the housing areas and towns, but low numbers in the farming areas that had good numbers 3 years ago.

Gob maybe you or plots have catch numbers fron 5 to 10 years ago.
ive heard that coyotes kill foxes, i have alot of coyotes and reds by me, never seen a grey tho
I've never really noticed any downward tread of Reds.
It's the Greys that seem to fluctuate wildly up here.
I haven't caught a Grey in a couple of years.
One year I had 23 Greys and 26 Reds, Almost 50/50.

The Reds and Coyotes share the same turf but I'm sure it makes the Reds a lot more nervous then they normaly are.
Cool looking fox. I didnt know thats how they looked when the shed their coats. Thanks for the info GG
Just saw a big fox in that tri-color phase bolting across my property 5 min. ago. Was outside tossing some apples to my local herd and some of them must have spooked the fox. I was on high ground and watched him run for about 150 yds. til he disappeared in the woods across the street from my house. Pretty neat.
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