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Fox & Yote

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Does anyone here hunt Fox & Yote's? Oct 1, 2005 starts there season with Bow. I plain on trying for them this year. More so on the foxs with a bow. I did the yote hunts in Texas with a really nice .22- 250
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I got a Coyote last year in Zone #13 Mendham. I saw him at 200 yards and started making shrieking noises with my mouth. He ran right to me. 12 yard shot.He ran 30 yards and dropped.
What did you do with him jr? That must have been pretty cool![cool][up]
I have had fox come under my stand but never shot because I was getting close to dusk and didnt want to spoil the area waiting for a deer.
I shot a "yote" last year with my muzzelloader at 230 yards. He was a male and weighed about 45 lbs. The only problem was he had mainge. I skinned out his skull and plan to boil it. I will post a pic soon........Good luck just 4 days away!!:)
I missed a red fox that was 15 yrds from my tree stand. I shot right over his back. First time I ever had an opportunity. I was just as pumped missing him as I would have shooting a deer.
Plain and simple...I don't eat it,I don't kill it.
I killed a coyote this past spring while turkey hunting in Florida.My guide assured me I was doing the farmer a favor...
I shot a Red fox 2 years ago in bow, It ran so fast, that you could hardly find the blood trail, But I did find it, and got it mounted!!!

Plain and simple...I don't eat it,I don't kill it.
Coyotes, and foxes are predators, we should all partake in getting rid of a few of them a year.
where you been imb?
Coyotes, and foxes are predators, we should all partake in getting rid of a few of them a year.
I enjoy watching them more then I do killing them. No one is going to tell me that I have to partake in anything that I don't feel like taking part in., you want to kill them just so just it can make you think you're doing something good,then have at it.It makes me very happy when I let a coyote or fox walk by me.
Hey Woj....A Friend of mine back home was in a really bad motorcycle accident on friday, So I was back in PA, all weekend, they dont think he is gonna make it. :( His injuries are to many and all severeve, right now he is in a coma, but like I said they dont expect him to pull through.
sorry to hear that Ian. hang in there. hope all gets better.
Ian, I'm so sorry to hear that. I pray what they say is wrong, and that your friend can defy the odds and pull through.

My prayers and best wishes go out to him and his family, and you as well, in this difficult time.
Hang in there Ian.....
Thanks guys, this hasnt been the greatest year for me, I lost another friend back in April, but most everyone heard about that one already. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers, I hope he does pull through but the odds arent in his favor.
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