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For Sale: Loggy Bayou, Climber

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I upgraded to a Summit last year, so I have no need for my old Loggy Bayou climber.

This is the older style (w/ metal band), but is in very very good condition and has no known issues.

I bought it new in 1996/97, so you cna see the age.

I have the stand and the climbing aid..

If interested, send me a PM with email and I can send pics.

Thinking $100 is fair.
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I will respond to PM's in order of receipt...first shot to Ducati..then deerfreak..then UltraMag77..

Questions:: It is a big soft seat (not Loggy Light). Climbing aid is open front, it tucks under seat after you are up..

Perfect archery stand...But I can't lie, my summit Goliath is night/day compared to it..I'm not to fond of climbing!!
Still Up for grabs....buyer backed out..
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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