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1999 Like New Darton Maverick bow with recurve limbs
draw length is 28in. 60/70lbs adjustable from 27-31 inches, package includes the following:

Montana Gold sight
Kisser Button
string loop
Peep sight (tube type)
TM 3D Rover Rest
Sims String Teflon Cable slide
Sims silencers on limbs
Hydrolyzer Stabilizer w/90 deg elbow
Darton Quiver (attach to Bow 9 arrows)
Wrist Braid
Protector hard case

$150 FIRM Pick up/ or I'll meet you somewhere! I'm in Middlesex County!

I have three bows and do not use this one as much any more so I figured someone on here can catch a nice full set up buy!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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