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2007 RMZ 250, my former practice bike.

Right now, the motor has a 270cc Cylinder and Piston in it, but, I have the stock 250cc Cylinder, if you wish to utilize(I'm throwing that in with the deal).

My bikes are meticulously maintained: Suspension serviced and suspension oil changed every 15 hours. Motor oil/oil filter and air filter changed after EVERY ride. New throttle and clutch cables every 15 to 20 hours. Fresh top end every 20 to 30 hours.

My race and practice bike motors are rebuilt every few months, completely, every aspect of the motor by my personal moto mechanic. The bike(frame) itself has 50hours on it, the suspension has around 8 or 10 hours, and, the newly rebuilt motor has only 4 hours.


-Pro Circuit Valves and Valve Springs
-Ported Cylinder Head
-Polished Transmission
-Hot Rods Crank
-Carb Mods and Carb-to-Air Box/Carb-to-Head matching(for uninterrupted air flow)
-Excel Rims
-Pro Circuit Exhaust
-SunLine "folding" levers
-Pro Action Suspension (currently set for a Pro Level Rider, but, my mechanic can re-valve or re-spring for your riding level)
-Pro Taper Fat Bars and Bar Mounts
-Aluminum Throttle Tube
-ASI Radiator Hoses (red)
-Dunlop MX 51 Tires (newer, but, we may be able to work something out where I can throw in a set of new tires)
-New D.I.D. chain (has only 2 or 3 rides on it)
-Has a fair amount of anodized ZETA bling on it, as well.

I've lowered the price to $2750.

This bike has thousands of dollars of upgrades and performance work. I really love this bike, but, it's only a practice bike and my practice bikes must have the same frame/motor as my race bikes(current model year has different frame configuration and motor). I have to race a bike that's less than 2 years old to be eligible for contingency money, so, this one just sits here which is a shame, because, it's a beautiful and FAST bike.


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They are great bikes, where do you race at?
Depends which series we are racing. Usually tracks within NJ, PA, NY, MD, CT and DE, but, we have done the entire East Coast.

Damn thats alot of good work on that bike and a great price....what did you do clean that thing with a toothbrush?hihi

good luck with the salethumbs up

if it doesnt sell on here try the auto shopper I got rid of my 99 YZ250 real quick on there....the spring time will be a better time because guys wanna ride but u still should be able to move it before then
I put a lot of time and money into motocross. Yea, I keep my stuff pretty clean. It's not as clean now as in the photos here because I did ride it twice since the photos were taken. I love riding this bike, its super fast and handles like a dream, but, I just cant race it due to the contingency point/money thing so when I do ride it, its just a treat.
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