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I caught the top of the Rte. 513 concrete bridge (that crosses the South Branch by the Exxon Station in Clinton) on my back cast last year trying to reach a rising fish across the river!!!! LMAO :D

This was before I learned the "roll cast" and other fly fishing casting techniques!!! [up]

Fly: Pale Evening Dun - Size #18
Results: Catch and release !!! [smirk] HeHeHe

My cousin from Long Beach, Mississippi caught a '57 Chevy on a backcast while on a fly fishing trip in Arkansas.

As the story goes, the Chevy was rolling down a road immediately adjacent to the stream and he hooked the side mirror on his back cast - stripped off most of the line off of his reel before he realized what was happening and "got smart" and gave the line a tug to snap the tippet and get all of his line back!!!!! He really didn't want to let this one go, though !!!! :D LMAO

Fly: BWO Size #22
Results: Catch and Release with a time consuming line retrieval!!!! LOL :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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