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Went out today with some members of the firehouse on the Bingo.

Was a nice day, as it was cloudy and little chilly, but didnt rain a drop. The sun came out just as we were heading back into the dock.

As many other people reported on thier trips, pulled in fluke all day. Lots of good action. As another member mentioned, sometimes party boats stop then move, stop then move, i think the captain of the Bingo had it just right. He moved when it kinda felt like the time to move.

The crew was great. Met one guy John, who i think is going to be working when members here go out on the boat next weekend.

Out of 21 of us, we got 10 keepers. That was the best catch i have ever been on a party boat with. I almost won the pool too, but another guy pulled in a huge one.

Was a great day, its going to be good for the members next week.

Some of the fishers

Here is a pic of one i got with bite in it

Keeper Lindsay caught

Keeper Missy caught and turned as i took pic

Keeper Tim caught

Winner of the pool, Dave got

The one i got

Keeper Heather got

One of the mates John

Bird getting a free ride back to the dock
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