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O.K. I had a few days off from work around Mothers day, so I talked my wife into blowing off work to go to Pt. Pleasant with me. we get there around 10.Am and do the Boardwalk thing, and have a sausage sandwich. it's about around 2:00pm when I say "hey? let's go over to the inlet and see what's biting?"

She says "sure" we get there and I set up her rod whith a Sabiki rig weghted by a spro jig. I rig up my rod with a 1oz white spro jig tipped with a gulp minnow.

on my 3rd cast I hook up with a bluefish! about 3-4 lbs. I told my wife that I'd let her reel in the next fish, about 5 casts later I get a hit set the hook and hand her the rod. up comes a 22" Fluke!!!! after that she heads back to the car as the wind picked up and she got cold.

I fish for another half hour resulting in 4 more Fluke 3 of them better than 20" and one short. And all had to go back![wallmad][wallmad] Sure, now I get keepers, when the season starts all I'll see are shorts![wallmad][rofl]
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