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FLU SHOT LOCATOR - It's that time of the year, AGAIN!!!!

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Stay healthy during hunting season!!![cool]
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I am one of "those" guys who do not inject anything I don't need.
I am one of "those" guys who do not inject anything I don't need.
Me too....getting sick helps build up the immune system so you get sick less in the future!!!! Your body is also able to get better quicker with a stronger immune system!!!
I let the young and elderly get theirs. Why use what you don't really need. But I guess I should get it though, being an EMT and all.
However, I have also known people who have gotten the shot and have been sicker than a dog afterwards. They were actually sick longer than if they got the flu.
I'd rather get a cold than the full blown Flu.

Always being around my girlfriends kids and or my brother's kids during the week = Sick with everything they bring home from school!!!!

I get my shot free at work or as a member of my fire dept.


Yeah, RIGHT!!!

First sign of a sniffle = "sick day" = a great day of hunting &/or fishing!!!;)[cool][up]
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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