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flatbrook rifle range: pistols?

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hey, does anyone know if you can shoot pistols at the flatbrook rifle/muzzleloader range? i wouldnt see why not, but who knows its jersey ya know
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No pistols. There is a big sign as you enter.

Only buck shot, slugs, muzzleloaders, and .22 rimfires.
havent even been there, drove past never saw the sign. am i the only one that thinks its kinda weird you cant?
Not in NJ!!!! Seems normal to me!!!

BTW... at the PA state ranges you can use pretty much whatever you want as long as at least 1 one you are with has a PA hunting license.
Places for pistol shooting in NJ
Ray's on RT22 in Plainfield
Cherry Ridge Range Canistear road in Vernon
Many others I can't think of at the moment
yeah i shoot at rays occasionally, its not bad, kinda scary seeing all the bullet holes in the dividers though. ha
The so-called New Paterson Rod & Gun was pretty good and cheaper than Ray's. I heard they went out of business.
Speaking of ranges do any FT Dix hunters know if it is possible to get permission to shoot on the military ranges there. When I was in basic training they had pop-up targets from 50 meters out to 460 meters. I qualified as expert there in 1967 with an M14.If I could shoot there I would go buy an M1A1 or GunnyFern's Mini14 tomorrow. Of course my eyes are not what they were when I was 19.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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