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Different strokes for different folks...and different markets.

Ultimately, the quality of your product will far exceed any personal image/style you have...BUT, for some that image may detract initial interest if it doesn't mesh well with whatever subliminal ideal they have.

With that said, I'd personally ditch the greeting entirely...not that you can't dress up nice or meet some company's image standard...but I think you'll be limiting yourself by having it on there (i.e. some may see a young kid, t-shirt, and think you're not some stuffy, elitist JO...while others may think the exact opposite, that you won't fit the corporate image and therefore have no idea what they might want from an end product perspective).

Why not let your work speak for itself and not limit your options or potential interest?

Just some thoughts, overall I think the site and work has good potential.

Also, review your resume, grammar and spelling is huge...many recruiters will dismiss you if you don't pay attention to detail there (perceived reflection of your work). i.e. check out "Dremweaver", I know you mean Dreamweaver (unless there is also a competitor Dremweaver out there I haven't worked with, if so, my apologies).

Also I'd remove anything that isn't directly professionally related. Stick to your market terminology and what's valued there (unless you are using the site for both graphic/web design AND metal/wood work).

No good, not relevant:
-Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America
-Writing and editing
-Metalwork, welding (MIG, TIG, stick, torch and plasma cutting) and machining
-Carpentry, masonry skills, and logging skills
-Heavy equipment operation (backhoe, forklift etc.)

Good, relevant and/or plus factors:
-Sound recording and engineering
-Galileo Scholarship, Raritan Valley Community College
-Deans List, multiple semesters
-1st place in the Department of Human Services Media Contest (computer generated category)

Good luck man!
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