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We'll I went out on the Royal Flush on Saturday. I had called ahead and was told yesterday they had caught about 10 flounder - (keepers), some king fish, and some sea bass.

I went out on the 1PM trip and the first spot produced nothing but tangle fish. The skipper moved to another spot and some caught little blue fish. Then the move again and some caught more blues, and throw back flounder.

On the way back we fished the rips. No flounder but I caught a king fish and some caught more blues.

The king fish I caught was small but ended up winning the pool...

All in all it was a slow day but the crew and some good company made it an enjoyable trip. The weather was great, Bush Beer was cold, and to be fishing beats sitting on the beach doing nothing.

The only thing bad about fishing out of Wildwood is how long it takes to get to the fishing hole...

Next time I go down, I want to put my surf rod to the test and try surf fishing. Something I have never done.
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