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Went ultralight jigging in a 43 degree Central Jersey lake early this afternoon before an impending rain storm. Air temp
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was 40 degrees. Only one vehicle was in the parking lot when I arrived. A guy from Staten Island, NY, who didn’t understand English, saw me catch some fish. Landed and released 12 yellow perch including a double and 5 white perch with Walmart red worm halves on two gold hooks and an unpainted 1/16 oz leadhead jig on 4 lb test line. Quit fishing early after the steady, heavy rain arrived and my hands got very wet and cold. One of the regulars who fishes there every day arrived as I was leaving. Used up all of the worms from my second container for this year. Caught and released 492 fish in the same spot in 13 trips this year. The only vehicle that was in the parking lot when I arrived, left just before I left. Got a coffee and blueberry pound cake at Cafe du Pain on my way home. Very good. Last year I caught my 492nd fish on May 22. This year has been my best fishing of all time.
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