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A change in plans bears taking note
Friday, June 24, 2005
For the Star-Ledger
When U2 frontman Bono belts out the lyrics to "Vertigo," there's bound to be some nodding in agreement by New Jersey sportsmen.

As defined by Webster's dictionary, vertigo is a dizzy state "in which an individual feels that he, or his surrounding, is whirling about sickeningly." That's a pretty good description of the queasiness being experienced by sportsmen who care about New Jersey's political and regulatory scene as it relates to hunting and fishing.

The unusual movements and sudden changes of direction in recent weeks are enough to cause nausea. It might have begun with the arrival of August in early June, a withering heat wave that had trout fishermen watching helplessly as favorite streams -- already shallow -- turned into trout-choking trickles of bath water.
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