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Fish 🐟 with two of my lures in it’s mouth

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Went fishing 🎣 in Manasquan Inlet this evening on a cold, sunny day with a strong southeast wind and incoming tide. Was fortunate to get one of the last unoccupied parking spots. A NJ State Police helicopter was looking for a whale 🐋 in distress when I arrived. Hooked a nice bluefish on my sixth cast of the day, but it threw the hook just before I was going to lift it from the inlet. Caught, tagged and released a 20” bluefish on my next cast. It had my plain hook Ava A-17 and bottom teaser in its mouth. Then I caught, tagged and released a 15” fluke four casts later. After no hits for a very long time, I caught, tagged and released a 15” bluefish with the Ava. Just before I quit, I hooked a bluefish triple but 2 bluefish bit off and escaped with 2 teasers. I tagged and released the Ava fish. The pattern for the past 3 days was early action, no hits for a long time, then the blues started biting again just before I left. Caught 39 fish 🎣 in the inlet in 14 trips this year.


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