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Finally caught some fish!!!!

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Ok gentlemen, after many hours of reading your advice, and tommy's careful coaching I have caught 4 keeper fluke last night, not to mention 3 dogfish, 2 skates and a searobin, as well as a case of lost sleep since i got in late and had tobe at work early!!

It was exciting to know I navigated the boat to a spot, rigged my own lines, and actually caught fish by myself without a charter captain.. Now if I could just get my wife to eat fish we could have a great dinner this week.

Thanks for all the info.

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LOL , That's great Dennis Let's see some pic's...[up]
The only pics we have are from my buddies cel phone camera. I was such in a rush to get out I forgot my digital, but I can take a picture of the filets if anyone wants to see them :)
drome - tell your buddy to send them from his phone to my email address [email protected]
great job! did you keep them or throw them back?
No pic's.. Are you sure it was'nt all a dream:p
I don't have a pic but, you should have seen the size of that fish:D
Way to go Drome!![up][up]
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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