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So I moved to bergen county last month and I still have yet to put in my address change because I may be moving into a more perminent situation in a few weeks.

I know I can't buy a long gun because my addresses dont match. I was thinking of picking up a shotgun, and was going to change my address back to my old house (which still has family members in it) so I could purchase a shotgun.

If I change my license address on the DMV website back to my old address, Would that be enough to take the new address sticker off the back of my license and be able to purchase a long gun (At that point the address on both the license and FID would match)?

Just talking theory here, I wouldn't do it, but if I bought a shotgun from a friend, and he didn't check the back of my license for the address change sticker, how would someone find out my addresses didnt match at the time of the transaction? The certificate of eligibility would still be filled out and all paperwork would look correct. Just wondering.
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