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hey yall,
im lookin to get a feeder for my deer property. I have seen tons of different kinds..i was lookin a 5 gallon hangin feeder. seems pretty easy and reasonably priced. My question is.. is that the right kind to get?..i think it would work great from where my stands are, and now that i have the whole summer to prep the newly acquired land i got just before permit shotgun this past season i want to do it right. also about how many times do you guys have your feeders spittin out feed? any information will be great![up]

i also have heard of making some homemade feeders, does anyone have one and if so how is it made? pics would be cool!

thanks guys:D
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yea go with a bigger one, a 5 gellan feeder wont hold much corn at all, u can also make ur own out of a barel, garbage can, etc, and feeder motor
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