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I fell 7 years ago. I had shot an 8 pointer, retrieved it, field dressed it etc. I then went to go get my stuff that was still up at my fixed position loc-on type stand that was 23ft up. I climbed up, grabbed my fanny pack and began to climb down, the first step off the stand was fine,but when I went to put my foot on the second step,I instead stepped on a branch thinking it was my tree step. The branch gave way and down I went.

When I hit the ground, I couldn't breathe since I got the wind nocked out of me, I thought for certain I was going to die, and honest to God the first thought in my mind was "well, at least I'm going out doing something I like" after a few moments I regained my breath and tried to stand, which of course I couldn't since my lower left leg was shatterd.
My back was in even more pain than my leg, but luckily that wasn't broken.
I yelled for help, but no one else was out that day and my cell phone was in my truck. So I started to crawl out the 3/4 miles to my truck. I started at 6:00 pm and finally reached my vehicle exhausted shortly before midnight. I was barely able to get into my truck to get the cell phone and dial 911. The ambulance came to get me and I had surgery that night at Centra State Medical Center. I will NEVER forget that day.
I know my fall was bad, but when I think about it, I was incredibly lucky, I could have been paralyzed or even killed.
Safety belts are critical when climbing up and down.
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